February 2018

3 Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Love Math

By APlus on 23 February 18 Blog

It’s a shame that so many young students dislike mathematics, especially given that many rewarding and fulfilling careers in computer science, engineering, and countless other areas all require and reward mathematical skill. The fact remains, however, that a dislike or even fear of math class is common among young students. Fortunately, there are concrete steps…

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How to Increase Your Child’s Confidence

By APlus on 22 February 18 Blog

When looking into the most recent figures for top private school and college/university admissions, the amount of applications is staggering. Harvard University, for example, received nearly 43,000 applications this past admissions season, the most in its history as one of the top Ivy League schools. Every year, the fight to gain acceptance into the most…

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How SAT Classes Help Students Discover & Overcome Subject Weaknesses

By APlus on 9 February 18 Blog

It’s normal for students preparing for the SAT to have subjects or a particular part of a subject area that they aren’t especially strong in or fond of. Sometimes, though, a weakness might not be easily pinned down. A student might think they have a strong enough command of the material, or else have a…

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