July 2017

A Look at Elective Workshops Available to Scholars in Our Academic Enrichment Programs

By APlus on 21 July 17 Blog

After completing their morning classes, scholars in the ASC A+ full-day summer program can enjoy one of two options for afternoon programming. The first option, available to middle and high school students, involves spending the afternoon taking intensive classes in subjects like Writing and Public Speaking. These are great skill-training opportunities that can help scholars…

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How Kids Become Great Communicators through Summer Enrichment Programs for Writing

By APlus on 7 July 17 Blog

Being able to communicate well can open many doors. It allows a person to share their ideas clearly and powerfully, to enjoy increased feelings of confidence, and much more. The development of communication skills should therefore be a high priority for many kids and teens as they progress through school. To enhance your child’s communication…

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