October 2016

Education Enrichment Programs – Improving Your Child’s Active Reading and English Writing Skills

By A+ Staff on 26 October 16 Blog
Grade 2 English & Math student getting personal attention from A+ teacher

Few skills are more fundamental to academic success than English reading and writing. Children taught active reading through qualified instruction will gain deeper comprehension of the study material, a skill that is critical for achieving excellent results in all subjects in the school curriculum. These fundamental techniques and others taught at ASC A+ Program have…

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One on One Tutoring – How to Choose a Private Tutor for Your Child

By A+ Staff on 4 October 16 Blog
private tutor helping middle school student with Math

There’s no doubt that in certain circumstances, one on one tutoring can be a great way to help boost a student’s test scores.  Personal tutors allow for deep individualized work, particularly on certain specific subjects where the student needs extra help and guidance.  A personal tutor can go the extra mile, and give specialized attention…

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