September 2016

How Education Enrichment Programs Based in Singapore Math Improve Students’ Math Skills

By A+ Staff on 24 September 16 Blog
Elementary school student learning Singapore Math

For many students, no subject causes them more trouble than mathematics.  In fact, it’s so common for certain students to struggle with math that it’s led to a widespread perception in American classrooms that some students just can’t do math. What a self-defeating idea that is!  A student told that they “just can’t do math”…

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Tips for ISEE Math Preparation

By A+ Staff on 15 September 16 Blog
isee math preparation

If your student is on an academic track for success, few milestones are more important – or more stressful – than their ISEE exam. The Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) is the standard used by private academies, such as Boston Latin, to determine who they accept as students. For many students, mathematics is the sticking point.…

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