How to Increase Your Child’s Confidence

By APlus on 22 February 18 Blog

When looking into the most recent figures for top private school and college/university admissions, the amount of applications is staggering. Harvard University, for example, received nearly 43,000 applications this past admissions season, the most in its history as one of the top Ivy League schools. Every year, the fight to gain acceptance into the most…

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How SAT Classes Help Students Discover & Overcome Subject Weaknesses

By APlus on 9 February 18 Blog

It’s normal for students preparing for the SAT to have subjects or a particular part of a subject area that they aren’t especially strong in or fond of. Sometimes, though, a weakness might not be easily pinned down. A student might think they have a strong enough command of the material, or else have a…

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3 Qualities of Great Composition Taught in High School Writing Workshops

By APlus on 26 January 18 Blog

Great writing is often clear, evocative, provocative, and can express complex ideas and arguments persuasively. To become a writer whose work can achieve this level of sophistication takes time and practice, as well as instruction designed around helping students improve upon their weaknesses and find new insight into their own work. A good workshop program…

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Three Reasons that SAT Courses Help You Set & Meet the Right SAT Target Score

By APlus on 15 January 18 Blog

The quest for high SAT scores begins early for many ambitious students. It tends to involve a great deal of studying, a good amount of mental preparation, and often the use of special strategies at SAT crunch time. For students and parents eager to find a few more useful ways to prepare for the big…

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Effective Strategies From English Enrichment Class That Promote a Love of Reading

By APlus on 22 December 17 Blog

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett aren’t just two of the richest people on the planet – they are also voracious readers. Gates is known to read nearly a book a week throughout the year, and Buffett spends hours every day reading through a large number of newspapers and financial documents. Though their preferred reading materials…

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