Developing Great Critical Thinking in English and Math Enrichment Programs

By APlus on 15 September 17 Blog

Having the ability to think for oneself and separate good ideas and solutions from bad ones are hugely important abilities in today’s world. These kinds of critical thinking capabilities are also skills that are difficult to teach directly. Instead, it’s often through doing other academic work that children can hone their critical thinking abilities and…

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Take the Stress out of College Applications With Our After School Programs

By APlus on 1 September 17 Blog

College application season is now in full swing! From September until February, universities across the country will be reviewing thousands of hopeful applicants for the next academic year. For ambitious young people who have always dreamed of attending an Ivy League school or one of America’s other top colleges, this period can be both exciting…

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Unlock New Educational Possibilities With Upper Level SSAT Test Prep

By APlus on 18 August 17 Blog

Earning acceptance into top private high schools that require Upper Level SSAT opens up a world of opportunity for budding scholars. While your child’s score on the SSAT will not be only the factor that leading schools consider, it is an essential part of their application. For international students, in particular, taking the Upper Level…

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Discover the Keys to SAT Writing Success Through High School Writing Workshops

By APlus on 4 August 17 Blog

Proper preparation can go a long way to helping your child succeed on the SAT. By making the effort to develop a good understanding of the format and expectations, your scholar will be able to work towards achieving a great score. The Writing and Language portion of the exam is worth 800 of the SAT’s…

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A Look at Elective Workshops Available to Scholars in Our Academic Enrichment Programs

By APlus on 21 July 17 Blog

After completing their morning classes, scholars in the ASC A+ full-day summer program can enjoy one of two options for afternoon programming. The first option, available to middle and high school students, involves spending the afternoon taking intensive classes in subjects like Writing and Public Speaking. These are great skill-training opportunities that can help scholars…

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